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Purchasing FAQ

Hello! Here are some answers to the most common purchasing questions. The full purchasing policy and links can also be found on the Policies and Procedures page.\


  1. HELP! How do I fill out a purchase requisition?
    First, take a deep breath. 

  2. Do I use a numbered or unnumbered PR form?
    If your purchase requisition is for an item/service that is NOT being attributed to an existing, approved allocation (i.e. Adult, Teen, Juvenile programs) then you would use a numbered purchase requisition form. If it is for an item/service that IS being attributed to an existing, approved allocation (a.k.a. a drawdown), then you would use an unnumbered purchase requisition.
  3. I have an unnumbered purchase requisition, now what do I do?
    You will fill this out with the purchase requisition number

  4. I’ve filled out the purchase requisition, now what?
    Now, you turn it in to Parker. 

  5. Wait a second…don’t I need to sign it?
    Yes, but only if you have received the item or the service/program has already happened. There are exceptions, however, where you will need to sign the PR before giving it to Parker.

  6. Exceptions?
    The biggest exception to the rule above is this: if it is an item that we have to pay for before it arrives (i.e. museum passes or something from Michael’s) then you would sign the purchase requisition before handing it in.  If you’re ever unsure, just ask Parker.

  7. Where do I find the account number?
    If you know what account you will be using for your PR, you can look up the number using this GoogleSheet. Once opened, use the ‘Ctrl+F’ function and type the account you are looking for into the box. This will bring you to the first (or only if there is only one) of the word you typed in. If that first instance is not the account you are looking for, you can scroll to the next instance until you find the account you want to use.
  8. What if I don’t know what account I want to use?
    If you are unsure what account the purchase should be attributed to, leave it blank. When you turn it in to Karen, she will fill that portion in.

  9. I’m still a little confused by the whole process…
    That’s okay! It can be a very overwhelming process. Just ask! 

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