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Income Tax Assistance Information Published on: January 24, 2021

Income Tax Assistance with VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)

The Library of the Chathams will be holding income tax assistance with VITA tax preparers to file your 2020 taxes.  However, the procedure will be different this year as taxes will be prepared off the premises and completed by individual VITA tax preparers.

For your taxes to be securely prepared by VITA, you will need to complete two forms which can be picked up in the back hallway of the library.  The first form is an INTAKE form that must be completely filled out answering all the questions with a “yes” or “no” answer.  If a question is unclear, you need to indicate that you do not know the answer.  The other form gives your permission for VITA to prepare your taxes remotely and must be signed.

Along with the forms listed above, you will need to provide ALL of your important 2020 tax documents. If you are receiving unemployment compensation, you need to provide a printed statement from NJ that includes the amount received and any federal tax withheld.  PTR-2 Blue Booklet Assistance:  You will need to have your town complete their page and include that completed page and the entire blue booklet with your tax information.  We strongly suggest you wait until you have received your PTR-2 so that the entire process can be done in one cycle.  Also, if you have a Brokerage account summary, which is not available until March 15, 2021, please wait to send it with all your tax information.  When you have all of your documents together, send them to Library of the Chathams, 214 Main Street, Chatham, NJ  07928.   Attention:  Deborah Fitzgerald

 You may send your information to the library via USPS, Priority Mail Only, or a trackable service from UPS or FedEx.  You may also scan your tax documents and send them via VERIFYLE, a secure electronic transfer system (for the computer savvy) to which you will be given access by the VITA tax preparer.   You may also drop off your tax documents to a library staff member by knocking on the interior door in the back hallway of the library.  You will be given a receipt indicating that your documents were left at the library.  All tax documents will be picked up daily by a VITA tax preparer.

It will be more critical this year that you supply the tax preparers with all the information that is needed.  The above methods will not begin, nor will tax envelopes be accepted, until January 28, 2021.

** For those expecting a refund, we strongly recommend direct deposit.  This year you must include a voided check with your tax information since the return will be prepared remotely.

***Any new clients who want to have their taxes completed by a VITA volunteer must contact Coleen Drucker by email to make their request.  Coleen’s email address is

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