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Hermie’s Happenings – Blog

Hermie the Hermit Crab is our Children’s Room mascot! Follow all of Hermie’s adventures right here.
If you have an Instagram you can follow Hermie’s special hashtag #chathamhermie!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17, 2024 – 🌈Hermie found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Today is St. Patrick’s Day. Stop by the Children’s Room this week to pick up a Take Home Craft, located above the children’s book drop.🍀☘️

Hermie and The Hat

February 23, 2024 – Hermie invited some animal friends to the library and they are reading “The Hat” by Jan Brett. Hermie wants to know: would you like to make your very own winter hat craft? If so, stop by the Children’s Room this weekend! Take Home Crafts are located above the children’s book drop. ❄️

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2024 – 🥰Hermie is wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Stop by the Children’s Room this weekend to pick up a silly heart person Take Home Craft. Take Home Crafts are located above the children’s book drop. 💝

Happy New Year!

December 31, 2023 – Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Hermie hopes to eat more vegetables in 2024. Stop by the Children’s Room and pick up a New Year’s Eve Wishing Wand to make sure all of your wishes come true in 2024! Take Home Crafts are located above the children’s book drop. 🎇🎊🪩

National Hot Cocoa Day

December 13, 2023 – Today is National Hot Cocoa Day and with the first day of winter quickly approaching, Hermie wanted to celebrate with a winter Take Home Craft. You can pick up your very own Gingerbread Hot Chocolate Craft in the Children’s room above the book drop! ❄️☕

Thanksgiving 2023

November 8, 2023 – 🌽Hermie hopes to have corn at Thanksgiving dinner! What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Share your favorite with the children’s librarian while you pick up a Corn Take Home Craft and Thanksgiving books. Take Home Crafts are located above the children’s book drop. 🦃

Halloween 2023

October 27, 2023 – Happy Hallo-weekend! Hermie invites friends to grab a spooky bat Take Home Craft to celebrate the holiday. Also, the library will be having a Halloween Parade at 10 am on October 31, where children are invited to dress up and march around the library before meeting two princesses. No registration required! 🦇🎃👻

National Chess Day

October 14, 2023 – Hermie vs Hedgehog! Who do you think will win the chess game? Today is National Chess Day! If you are interested in showing off your chess skills like Hermie, sign up for the Chess Tournament next Saturday, October 21. Check out our events calendar for full details. 🦀♟️🦔

National Pumpkin Seed Day

October 3, 2023 – It’s pumpkin season! Hermie loves the color orange and carving pumpkins. National Pumpkin Seed Day is on October 4. Did you know pumpkin seeds can be used to grow pumpkins and can be a delicious snack? Hermie asks you to share any ways in which you use pumpkins seeds with the Children’s Desk staff when you stop in for a pumpkin Take Home Craft! 🎃🌱

National Comic Book Day

September 25, 2023 – Hermie says “hooray” for National Comic Book Day! National Comic Book Day is today, September 25. If you want to read about your favorite comic book characters or hope to write your own comics one day then the Children’s Room is an excellent place to start! Ask the librarian at the desk to help you find the perfect book for National Comic Book Day. 💥🗯️📖

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