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Gift Books Purchased Published on: April 25, 2018

Each month a number of books and media are purchased from funds donated by Friends of the Library and other generous donors.  In January/February the following items were added to the collection:


Friends of the Library

028 WIL Social Life of Books: Reading Together in the Eighteenth-Century
070.92 BRO Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983-1992
261.27 KAE Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration in an Age of Fear
304.808 AHM Journey Into Europe: Islam, Immigration, and Identity
320.546 BLA Set the World on Fire: Black Nationalist Women and the Global Struggle for Freedom
333.79 SMI Energy and Civilization: A History
641.5 BES Best of America’s Test Kitchen 2018: Best Recipes, Equipment Reviews, and Tastings
641.5636 SOL Naturally Vegetarian: Recipes & Stories from My Italian Family Farm
641.5956 SHA Shaya: An Odyssey of Food, My  Journey Back to Israel
641.5959 STA Vegetarian Viet Nam
641.5959 SYH Hawker Fare: Stories & Recipes from a Refugee Chef’s Isan Thai & Lao Roots
641.5973 GUA Home Cook: Recipes to Know by Heart
680 MUR Made to Last: A Compendium of Artisans, Trades, & Projects
709.47 TRO Faberge and the Russian Crafts Tradition: An Empire Legacy
941 CAN Victorious Century: The United Kingdom, 1800-1906
973.24 BRO Our Beloved Kin: A New History of King Philip’s War
976.6 FIE Growing Up With the Country: Family, Race, and Nation after the Civil War
OVE 636.7 GRA Rover: Wagmore Edition
OVE 720.92 ARC Architect: The Pritzker Laureates in Their Own Words
OVE 720.92 FRA Frank Lloyd Wright: Unpacking the Archive


In Memory of Virginia S. Biskeborn

362.733 MOO Children Money Can Buy: Stories from the Frontlines of Foster Care and Adoption
635.9 TAY An Abundance of Flowers: More Great Flower Breeders of the Past
945.505 HOL Family Medici: The Hidden History of the Medici Dynasty


Gift of Michael and Jillian Conlon, In Honor of Ethan Dylan Conlan’s Sixth Birthday

ER THO My Toothbrush is Missing!
EJ WEN Hello Hello


In Memory of Lester Daniell

811.54 KIN Collected Poems
811.54 PHI Wild is the Wind: Poems
811.54 WAL Almost Entirely: Poems
811.54 WAT Pray Me Stay Eager


In Loving Memory of Lester Daniell

J 808.1 HER Jabberwalking


Presented by the Eigen Family

709.2 AND Laurie Anderson: All the Things I lost in the Flood
741.59 CHU Why Comics?: From Underground to Everywhere
BIOG RENOIR WHI Renoir: An Intimate Biography
OVE 700.47 ZIP Tales of Wonder: Retelling Fairy Tales Through Picture Postcards
OVE 709 RES Art in the Age of the Internet 1989 to Today
OVE 759.13 JOHNS DON Jasper Johns: Pictures within Pictures, 1980-2015
OVE 781.66 BEN Smithsonian Rock and Roll: Live and Unseen


In Memory of Grace Doherty Gonzalez

751.422 RAI Everyday Watercolor: Learn to Paint Watercolor in 30 Days
759.13 CUR A Generous Vision: The Creative Life of Elaine De Kooning
759.4 RAT Renoir and Friends: Luncheon of the Boating Party
820.9 KIB After Ireland: Writing the Nation from Beckett to the Present
OVE 759.9 TAP Borderless: The Art of Luis Tapia


In Memory of Marie B. Hensler

635.9 VER Flower-Powered Garden: Supercharge Your borders and Containers with Bold, Colourful Combinations


In Memory of Caroline Hontz

LP 305.2 LEL Happiness is a Choice You Make: Lessons from a Year Among the Oldest
LP FIC STE Fall from Grace
LT FIC HEN Wife Between Us


 Gift of the Independent Thrift Shop

391.009 MOD Mod New York: Fashion Takes a Trip
747.09 GRA Modern Retro Home: Tips and Inspiration for Creating Great Mid-Century Styles
749 WHI Junk Beautiful Furniture Refreshed: 30 Clever Furniture Projects to Transform Your Home
OVE 391.009 TRU House of Worth: 1858-1954: The Birth of Haute Couture
OVE 747.883 RUF About Decorating: The Remarkable Rooms of Richard Keith Langham


Gift of the Leffingwell Science Fund

520 GAT The Practical Astronomer: Explore the Wonders of the Night Sky
591.479 CHE Where the Animals Go: Tracking Wildlife With Technology in 50 Maps and Graphics


Gift of Stanley Congregational Church Ecumenical Fund

261.7 CRU I Pledge Allegiance: A Believer’s Guide to Kingdom Citizenship in 21st Century America
261.8 MOU Passionate and Pious: Religious Media and Black Women’s Sexuality


In Memory of John B. Westcott, Jr.

940.548 MAS Veterans: Faces of World War II
947.7 BAR Anatomy of a Genocide: The Life and Death of a Town Called Buczacz


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