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The Three B’s of Music–The Modern Version: Bach

Date: Mar 3, 2021
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Location: Online (From Your Home) Library of The Chathams
214 Main Street, Chatham, 07928
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One of the most popular offerings at the library before the pandemic was our adult education program known as CALL.  It featured experts in various fields–college professors, writers, journalists, art teachers–who lectured on various subjects or taught hands-on classes.  We are now happy to announce our first virtual series of Adult Education lectures.

Barry Wiesenfeld, a musician, published author, and faculty member of SUNY and Ramapo College, will hold a three-lecture series, The Three B’s of Music–The Modern Version: Bach, Beethoven, and The Beatles.  The first session, Back to Bach, will discuss how Bach teaches us how music works, and how he outlined concepts of music theory still used today.   We will learn about some of his magnificent works by dissecting them to understand their components and his contributions to music.


Lectures will be held virtually via Zoom, and all registered participants will receive a Zoom link before each lecture.

There is a fee of $8 to attend each lecture.  If you are unable to pay, please send an email to and we will waive the fee.


To register for the first lecture, Back to Bach, click here.

To pay for the lecture (you can pay for one, two, or all three lectures at once), click here.


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