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C.A.L.L.: Adult Continuing Ed Program



Chatham Adult Lifeworks Learning (C.A.L.L.)

Chatham Adult Lifeworks Learning is our continuing education program for adults.  Courses are offered in art, music, history, and current events; all courses taught by subject specialists.
In order to ensure the highest quality presenters, the Library may collect a fee for each course, though some lecture series are free.  Stop in or CALL us for more information!



Upcoming Courses


Religions of the World

This new series of lectures on religions of the world will be taught by professors from Drew University. Most dates will include two-part lectures with a break, with the exception of Christianity, which will be presented on two different dates.
Registration is required for these courses. A fee of $10 will be charged for each class. If you are unable to pay, please email or talk to Assistant Director Galina Natenzon. All are welcome!

A completed registration form and payment must be returned to the library before the start of each course. You may pick up a brochure/registration form at the library or click here to save and print at home.

Monday, April 13 – 10 am to 1 pm NEW DATE TBD

This lecture will be presented by Dr. Jonathan Golden, Director of the Center on Religion, Culture, and Conflict at Drew University.  He runs the Drew Institute on Religion and Conflict Transformation, which brings together young, emerging leaders of different faiths from around the world for a seminar on leadership, peacebuilding, and conflict resolution.  In this class, he will examine the core tenets, practices and beliefs of Judaism. He will conduct a brief historical survey of the roots and evolution of Judaism over time, including its influence and interactions with other “Abrahamic” faiths.  Finally, he will examine Judaism in the modern world, including the intriguing question of Jewish identity.

Monday, April 20 – 10 am to 1 pm NEW DATE TBD

This lecture will also be presented by Dr. Golden (see Judaism above).  In this class, he will examine the core tenets, practices and beliefs of Islam.  Dr. Golden will conduct a brief historical survey of the roots, evolution, and expansion of Islam.  Finally, he will examine Islam in the modern world, its internal dynamics within the “Muslim World” and in the West.

Tuesday, April 28 – 10 am to 1 pm NEW DATE TBD

Dr. Hyo-Dong Lee, a native of South Korea with a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University, is an Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Drew University.  Professor Lee’s research and teaching interests include comparative theology and comparative philosophy of religion, with a focus on the dialogue between the Christian/Western theological and philosophical tradition and Northeast Asian philosophical and religious thought.  In this lecture, Professor Lee will touch on the history, doctrine, events, personalities, and writings of Confucianism.


More lectures coming up: Christianity and Buddhism

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